Sales Training: Empowerment beyond “Just Because” or “Because I Told You So”

When I was a child, I was the question asking machine.  Now that I am an adult, I am the question asking machine.  Not because I want to be annoying.  I really want to understand why.  Knowing the why helps me deliver on expectations.  Understanding why gives me access to understand the process and how …read more…

How to Advance Your Automotive Management Career

The professional is always striving to master their craft, while the idiot believes they have mastered their craft and striving to prove it. Best piece of advice I have been given as a manager:  Always be teaching others how to be you.  Inspire them to be gunning for your desk and to become you.  Humbly …read more…

Why Should an Organization Train, Rinse and Repeat?

Military, Law Enforcement, Medical Professionals, Teachers…what do these occupations have in common?  Each provides a highly valued service to our local and global community at large and does so as a result of education and extensive on-going training.  As a result, society can depend on these individuals to protect humanity, face danger, save lives, educate …read more…

Top 6 Interview Questions to Get the Best Salespeople

When it comes to staffing your sales department, finding the right people is half the battle. While recruitment agencies can find qualified candidates, it is up to the dealership to make the final determination about who will truly be the best fit for the brand and culture of the company. To that end, we’ve put …read more…

Is It Called “Salary” or “Draw”?

When we talk about needing to approach potential salespeople with new ways to think about sales, we’re not just talking about the pay plans themselves. Even the terminology used can make or break whether a potential recruit joins your organization and becomes a rock star salesperson, or walks out the door looking for better opportunities. …read more…

Forget What You Lost…What Did You Gain?

The Manus Group CEO_CFO Conversation

When it comes to training and investing in the skills and knowledge of employees, many dealerships jump immediately to the question of “what happens if they leave?” They focus on how the time and money they spent on that employee is now, effectively, thrown away. But the real question they should be asking is, “What …read more…

Superstar Salespeople May Not Always Shine Brightest

automotive recruiting

A few years ago, we looked at a type of salesperson known as the “superstar,” and how they can impact the sales volume of the entire team in a negative way — contrary to what you would believe at first glance. That particular blog struck a nerve, and continues to be a pain point we …read more…

Gauging Success: Is Your Sales Team Meeting Their Target?

For any dealership looking to boost the bottom line, the most obvious starting point is the sales team. If your team isn’t hitting your expectations, you should look at what your benchmarks are, how they are communicated and how your people are trained to meet them.  Here are four steps for honing in your sales team: …read more…

Automotive Recruiting Program Checklist

Keeping the best people, once you find them, is easy if you do the right things right to begin with.  These specific actions will help you with recruiting and retaining talent. Recruit from an Improved Candidate Pool Companies that select new employees from candidates who walk in their door or answer an ad, often missing …read more…

Are Your Service Advisors Order Takers or Advisors?

If I wanted someone to just take my order and deliver, I would go to a fast food drive thru.  When I go to have my car serviced, I want service.  I believe that service advisors are more  than just order takers or the message delivery system between a consumer and a technician.  Think about …read more…

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