Recruiting Best Practices: Hitting the Target with Performance Based Hiring

Performance Based Hiring

Most HR professionals play the numbers game as the formula for success. The goal is to present as many candidates as is feasible, as fast as possible, until someone gets hired. Yes, this approach creates large databases that many HR firms can brag about and impresses hiring managers with the number of available candidates, but …read more…

Automotive Recruiting: How the .Com Marketplace is Changing Dealership Sales Teams

Does Your Dealership Need Internet Salespeople

Today’s car buying experience is quickly evolving into something that looks a lot like modern day dating.  Most experiences are beginning with an online matching making dance, uniting sellers with buyers in an impersonal exchange, until both parties determine this could be “the one” and set up a face to face meeting.    A 2016 Car …read more…

Automotive Management Training: Profitability and The Pathway Out of the Rabbit Hole

Down Into The Rabbit Hole

Is Your Dealership Suffering from The Rabbit Hole Effect? There are many reasons why dealerships often miss their forecast goals and show a loss of profit in financial statements. One reason is the “Rabbit Hole” effect. Remember the popular children’s story “Alice in Wonderland”? The principal character in this plot is Alice, who falls down …read more…

3 Ways to Ensure You Are Staffed For Success

For automotive dealerships who rely on agencies like the Manus Group to help ensure consistent staffing levels year-round, it is imperative to do a bit of advanced planning to ensure no employment gaps will potentially lead to losses in both reputation and revenue. To that end, there are three steps every dealership can take to …read more…

The Sales Training and Turnover Correlation

The most important tools that you have at your disposal to ensure your new salespeople are ready to make a big splash this spring and build the foundation for sales into the holidays is…training! The specifics of how to succeed in your environment, with your customers and your brand, are all skills that will need …read more…

How Much Should You Pay Your Salespeople?

The days of a one-size-fits-all pay plans for top sales people are rapidly fading away. In the past, the automotive industry thrived on commission-based pay plans. Sales people were happy to accept low base rates because they understood that with commissions, they could soar to great heights. Their destiny was in their own hands, and …read more…

Spring into Sales: 5 Strategies to Renew Your Sales Team

Spring has sprung!  Don’t get caught allowing the fresh blades of grass to grow under your feet. Now’s the perfect time to reinvigorate your sales team. Below are five strategies to try this spring: Take a Talent Assessment As the snow melts away and new life begins to blossom, take the time to breathe new …read more…

Automotive Recruiting Tips for Attracting Young Talent

Percentage of the Work Force

One of the retail automotive industry’s greatest challenges is attracting and retaining sales talent, particularly among the Generation X and Millennial populations of the employment pool.  Most career seeking talent under the age of 50 years, often overlook the automotive industry when considering employment.  Their distaste for the automotive retail industry is typically fueled by …read more…

Automotive Sales and Managment Lesson: How to Resolve Customer Service Concerns

Three Customer Service Facts: Customers satisfaction is easier than you think, because a customer is usually satisfied with less than you think. Customers who make the effort to complain, want you to make the effort to make things better. Customers who have had a problem resolved, are more loyal than customers who have never had …read more…

Sales Training Lesson: Bugs in the Potato Salad

“It only takes one bug in the potato salad to ruin a picnic,” according to one of the little old ladies I went to church with as a child.  As I move further away from a precocious child and closer to being a sweet little old lady, I am realizing that she was not registering …read more…

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