Changes in Automotive Recruiting and Training Practices Sparks Lower Staff Turnover

The Manus Group Automotive Recruiting and Sales TrainingThe automotive industry has recently experienced a drop in the turnover rates of dealership sales departments, presumably because various economic factors have forced employees to stay put rather than job hop. Consequently, dealerships assessing sales team productivity have an opportunity to focus more on staff development and hiring for specific skills. Automotive recruiting and auto sales training firms like The Manus Group are capitalizing on the shift in automotive sales culture by developing specialized programs designed to fit their clients’ new found needs.

Jacksonville, FL-October 18, 2011

In years prior to the current recession, dealerships routinely ran a fifty percent sales staff turn over each year, according to The Manus Group. Today that percentage has shrunk to about one third, reports Donna Harris of Automotive News. Experts indicate that the recent turnover reduction is the result of better hiring and training practices across the industry. Dan Boettcher, General Manager from the Ken Garff Dealerships in Iowa, who brought his nearly fifty percent turnover rate down to ten, remarks, “We’re doing a lot of training. We’ve been very selective in our hiring.”

Boettcher’s comments are reflective of a growing trend in the automotive world. Stephanie Young, Vice President of Marketing for The Manus Group, an industry leading management and automotive sales staff recruitment and training company says, “Dealerships are adapting to smaller budgets, doing more with less, and, as a result, are no longer focusing on the size of their sales teams but the overall quality of their force.”

“This quality-focused trend centers on the basic skill sets of the automotive salesperson,” remarks Young. “Today’s desired automotive salesperson can now do more with fewer resources, actively prospect for new customers, understand how to build their personal brand, and incorporate their tactics with the dealership’s overall marketing plan.”

Trend-setters in the automotive recruiting and training industry have taken notice of the paradigm shift in dealership employment policies and revamped their recruiting methods and training programs. Organizations like The Manus Group are now providing more advanced recruitment practices and integrating their automotive recruitment campaigns with dynamic and interactive dealership automotive sales training solutions to build on presently desired skill sets


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The Manus Group ( made its mark across the nation as a premier provider of dealership sales training solutions and service advisor training programs as well as sales and management recruiting services. Backed by more than six decades of industry knowledge, The Manus Group offers proven sales training and recruiting services that produce top-performing employees and bring effective organizational change. The Manus Group focuses on one vital principle: create captivating, world-class experiences that inspire people to achieve benchmark levels of success.


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