Six Habits of Great Salespeople

Excellence is a HabitA great sales team is imperative to the success of any company.  So, how do you tell a good sales person from an average one?  Great sales people have these six key habits:

Products and Services Awareness

Successful sales professionals have solid product knowledge.  They understand the aggressive landscape of the competition and know how to assess your products and services to thwart the competition.  The sales associate who does their homework and studies the customers’ needs will quickly adapt to the requirements of the market and will be a more effective seller.

Inquiring Ability

Being part of a productive sales team, a sales person must engage a client in a two-way conversation.  Fruitful sales professionals ask questions, not just your typical yes or no questions either.  They ask open-ended questions to gain more substantial information.  Questions provide useful information about the buyer, like budget, preference, timelines etc.  They can’t count on the buyer to give you all the answers you need; they know they have to ask for them.

Understanding The Buyer’s Needs

Understanding the buyer’s need is a very important sales task.  For a sales person to even sell anything, they must first understand what the buyer is looking for.  A profitable sales professional will figure out what they want and match those needs to the products they sell.

Aptitude to Create Rapport

Positive relationships are necessary for every great sales team.  Establishing rapport is imperative to building client trust.  People will not buy anything from you unless they trust you and they trust that what you are saying is true.  Successful sales representatives establish a positive relationship that leads to long-term business.

Ability to Withstand Challenges

A sale is an unstable process; it is very volatile.  Today may be very favorable but the next day might seem too gloomy.  Each day is a different day — a new challenge and a new adventure are waiting.  A prosperous sales person is flexible and adapts to the ever-changing atmosphere of the sales industry.


Above all else, a respectable sales associates loves what they are doing.  If a sales professional does not like what they are selling, then their clients will definitely see right through it.  When you love what you do, your aura will also say so.  A vibrant and enthusiastic sales representative breeds raving fans that become lifelong customers.



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