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QuestionsDuring an interview, take care to keep your interview questions focused on the behaviors, skills, and experience needed to perform the job.  If you find your discussion straying off course or eliciting information about potential job discrimination topics, bring the discussion quickly back on topic by asking another job-related interview question.

In advance of an interview, prepare a list of professional interview questions that you can turn to when you find the interview veering off track.  This will help to ensure that your interview remains focused on gathering real data to help in the decision making process and for the most part, standardize for each candidate.

Concentrate on the following when creating professional interview questions:

  • Minimum Standards: Make a list of the minimum qualifications and skills necessary to complete this job.  Generate questions from this list to determine if your candidate is suitable for this position.
  • Required Experience: Have an idea of the level of experience you are looking for.  Create a question about experience to determine if your candidate meets or exceeds your expectation.
  • Job Skills:  You already have a list of required standards, but there are other skill sets and qualifications that would benefit your organization.  Craft a list of qualifications and skill sets that the perfect candidate would possess.  Then you can produce questions to determine just how ideal your candidate is for this position.
  • Behavioral characteristics:  Build a list of characteristics that effective employees in this position have.  Develop questions about these characteristics to determine what level of mentoring and development your candidate will need, if hired.

Don’t worry if find overlap between the questions and candidate responses in the above categories.  Your goal is to match the best candidates to the needs of your organization.



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