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Call The Manus GroupA simple fact in business states that no matter how much is sold, there is always more to sell. The Manus Group’s innovative Automotive Sales Training Programs provide expert guidance in transforming a sales team into a well-oiled machine, positively affecting profits by increasing productivity and ROI.

Fundamental Automotive Sales Training: Intensive road to the sale instruction on a wide range of relevant topics, including Goal Setting, Planning Strategies, Up-to-Date Sales Methods and Building Value Through Product Knowledge. This automotive sales training program is structure for the newly hired automotive sales people or sales teams of any size.

Automotive Sales Training Boot Camp: Customized automotive sales training curriculum developed to teach mastery of the sales process. Car sales people will exhibit new skills in prospecting, maintaining long-term client relationship, Spot-On Forecasting, Effective Closing and Overcoming Objections. Newly hired auto sales people that have been through fundamental automotive sales training and/or experienced auto sales staff are appropriate for this type of program.

On-Going Automotive Sales Training: Professionally produced automotive sales training for experienced car sales people. Presentation topics include but are not limited to Leadership, Sales, Customer Relationship Management, Peak Performance and Current and Future Trends.


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