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I was afforded an opportunity to attend a Sales Certification training course presented by Bill Steele of the Manus Group. I would like to share what I have experienced as a student of Mr Steele. His training and commitment to his students is

unrivaled by any other person I have met in my 27 year career as a manager.  Mr Steele’s presentation of the material and followup with his students ensures our knowledge retention and ability to certify as automotive sales associates. It is my distinct pleasure to endorse Mr Steele and the Manus Group training course.  Pride, Conviction To Teach and Outstanding Material are their Trademark.

T. Nelson (NY)


I was recently given the chance to complete one of your training classes, in which Mr. Bill Steele was the instructor. I want to take a minute to say how much I learned from him, in a short amount of time. His style of teaching and his presentation, have to be the best I have ever experienced. I will interview for the position tomorrow morning, but I am confident that with the tools he has given me, I will be offered a sales job, along with a few others from this same class. We are sure that there will be a new “SALES TEAM” here at this dealership. A few of us have made a bond, and will be working together to build sales here. Also working to show that you (Manus Group) have delivered on your claims, to recruit, and train the Best of the Best. Once again, thank you.

J. LeDoux (LA)


I have been to many training courses in my short career, and your course is the best sales training I have ever attended.  I have learned more in three days with this course than five years of attending seminars that are $2,500 a person.  Our trainer made the class fun and interactive. The difference between him and corporate educators is that he is passionate about selling cars whereas in a corporate meeting the educator is passionate about going home.  His energy makes you want to go out and sell cars.  I have found that this course can be useful not only in the automobile industry, but anywhere.  I formally sold hotel rooms and meeting space and I know that if I used this system, I could have sold more rooms.  I think the course is wonderful.  I hope in the future I will have the opportunity to take another class by The Manus Group.

A. Dohm (VA)


As an introduction to the automotive industry’s sales process, your personalized approach to delivering the curriculum (as set for the by The Manus Group) enabled me to really relate to the topics and discussions presented in the classroom.  With the materials and descriptive procedural details you provided, I am confident that you have helped me establish a knowledge base that I will leverage highly in the short term and for many years to come.

As we discussed in the interview, my goals are to develop the skills necessary to become a high producing, automotive sales professional.  I am not interested in being just another car salesperson.  In my assessment, your training program and ongoing support has empowered me to differentiate myself as a true professional in the marketplace.

The dealer that does not choose to capitalize on your program is unquestionably missing out on a huge competitive advantage as well as the opportunity to raise the bar of professionalism and customer service industry wide.

Thank you for your encouragement, guidance and continues support,

R. Lewis (SC)


How can this class help me in my automotive career?  There is a technique to anything that is done correctly.  Before this class, I was under the impression that salesmanship was largely a function of personality.  Now I see that it involves specific procedures combined with insight into human psychology.  This change in perspective will greatly help me in my automotive sales career.

L. White (TX)


I recently had the pleasure of attending a sales seminar conducted by Then Manus Group.  I have a lot of sales experience under my belt, but I was pleasantly surprised how much I learned in those three days.  The trainers knowledge of people, sales techniques, closing skills and handling objectives is impressive to say the least.  I will take this experience with me and will use it for the rest of my life, regardless of what industry I am in.  It was that valuable to me.

J. Ewig (PA)


When I received your e-mail two weeks ago telling me that people with a background in real estate, mortgages and law did well in selling vehicles.  At first I was skeptical I have to admit.  I know very little about cars, I am not mechanically inclined, and have never in my wildest dreams thought of the possibility of selling cars.  When I met [The Manus Group Trainer] at the dealership for my interview, it was the fourth or fifth time I had ever been inside a new car dealer’s showroom in my life.  In this economy one has to have an open mind.

I came to the first day of training based on your assurances that almost anyone could do the job if they were willing to work and open to new ideas.  By the end of the first day, through all the information given and basic fundamentals laid down, I could see that this would work.  When I went out to another dealership that night and saw what a typical sales person does, I was convinced that I could do this far better than what I was seeing them do.  That was reinforced the next morning when our class shared their shopping experiences.

The balance of your training has been logical, detailed, and well backed up with examples.  I am amazed at what I have discovered this week.  If I stick with the simple process which you have taught and keep my customer’s needs, wants and desires first, I can easily see myself earning a six figure income in automotive sales.  I am excited about my prospects, and would highly recommend your training to anyone, newbie or experienced, who wants to work in this field.

J. Mason (FL)


I would like to start off by saying yes, this class does mean a lot to me and I have really enjoyed being a part of it.  The first thing that truly impressed me was simply the idea of the class itself.  I feel it is a well put together class and offers a lot of knowledge from proven automotive sales professionals.  I have been offered many sales jobs in the past but none of them has had the reward that this class has to offer.  I truly appreciate all of the hands on training, motivation and knowledge given and will be sure to make good use of it all.

I have been on many, many car lots in the past but have never been approached the way this class is training me.  This is a very professionally taught class.  I believe with the right mind set and positive attitude that every student that completes it should have an upper hand in starting a career in the automotive industry.  I believe this program is an excellent way to train and mold people who are truly inspired to have a career, not just a job, in automobile sales.  In closing, I would like to say this program has really meant a lot to me and I believe it is an excellent start to a successful career.

C. Davis (SC)


I’d like to take a few moments to convey my appreciation and gratitude for the time and effort you have put into this training seminar.  You have given me the confidence, tools, knowledge and desire to embark on this new career as a salesperson.  I’m excited of the prospects of the sales industry and the financial freedom it can give me.  You’ve ignited a spark in me that died out years ago for the automotive industry.  One of my goals is to turn that spark into a roaring inferno and produce more than any other salesperson on the staff!  Thank you again you’re a marvelous mentor, teacher, speaker, and motivator.  It’s obvious you’re on top of your career.  You’ve changed my life for the better and therefore the life of my family.

C. Covert (VA)


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