Our Automotive Recruiters and Professional Sales Trainers

The Manus Group had made its mark as the nation’s top automotive sales staff recruiters and premier provider of strategic automotive management recruiters. Backed by more than six decades of automotive industry knowledge, we also offer proven automotive sales training programs that not only inspire top-performing employees, but also bring about effective organizational change. The Manus Group has a well-earned reputation for delivering high performance, value and most importantly – RESULTS.


The Manus Group Rick WilliamsRick Williams, CEO

Rick has more than three decades of business experience, including serving as President and General Manager of a multi-brand dealership that retailed over 3000 units per year. He has also owned and operated a multi-franchise employment agency. When you marry Rick’s executive experience and knowledge, the result is a dynamic sales and management talent search firm and leadership and development training company.

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The Manus Group Julie WilliamsJulie Heilman, President

Julie holds a MBA degree from the University of Maryland and has more than 20 years of retail, wholesale and technology experience. Throughout her sales career, she has held various managerial and executive positions; including General Sales Manager, Sales Manager, Finance Manager and Fleet Manager. With over two decades of sales training experience, Julie has become a respected mentor among her peers and students.

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The Manus Group Stephanie YoungStephanie Young, Vice President of Sales and Marketing

After graduating with a bachelor’s degree from the University of California, Stephanie found her niche in sales and marketing. This eventually led her to becoming a contributing member of several nationally recognized campaigns. Stephanie now combines her comprehension, an aptitude for sales and forte for marketing to propel The Manus Group towards continued growth and achievement.  If you are looking for information on how to recruit and train sales, service and management staffs, join Stephanie at The Manus Group Blog  for a helping hand!

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Automotive Recruiters

Attention to detail is an apprised skill for The Manus Group recruiting team. Our recruiting team is extensively training in our proprietary recruitment tools and professional client and candidate interaction. Consequently, our clients have come to discover that recruiting does not have to be a drain on time and energy when partnered with highly dedicated and professional recruiters.

Automotive Sales Training Professionals

Professional integrity is the cornerstone in which the foundation for The Manus Group has been built. To date, the trainers on staff host an average of twenty-two years automotive retail experience and have held positions as Sales Manager, General Manager and/or Dealer Principle. As a result, our clients can count on our trainers to not just interview and train potential sales candidates, but to act as consultants in helping address the challenges they face in their individual markets.

Corporate Leadership Training Professionals

At The Manus Group, we understand that one great achievement lends itself to another, and so begins the ascent to the top. In addition to ten years of executive management practice required by The Manus Group, each trainer has also demonstrated a high level of professionalism and ability to advance success through personal growth. Therefore, our certified corporate trainers provide effective performance and tactical solutions perfectly tailored to our client’s unique business objectives.

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