Getting the Most Out of Your Recruiting Campaign Efforts

Three Tips for Increasing Your Recruiting Campaign ROIRecruitingROI

1. Enhance Your Brand

A logo, tagline, phone number and website are just the corner stones to creating a powerful brand.  It is important to remember that job seekers are likely to also be a consumer or potential consumer of your products and services.  Therefore, your engagement with candidates not only influence your recruiting efforts, but sales volume.

Start with clear communications of job duties, benefits, and pay with job-seekers before they apply.  Being vague means you can miss out on the type of talent you seek.   Step into the shoes of the type of talent you wish to attract.  Optimize your processes to create a positive experience for those job seekers.

2. Use Accountability Metrics

Rumor has it that people will talk about their experience with your company.   Candidate satisfaction becomes customer satisfaction when your brand image is at stake.  Take the extra step of creating accountability metrics to measure candidate satisfaction.  For example, most job seekers expect that from the time they apply to offer of employment should not exceed two weeks.  If you time from apply to hire exceeds this number, then it is time to find ways to streamline your process.   Also, track the timing and frequency of candidate communications.  If it takes too long to respond to a candidate, then you are losing talent that you have worked so hard to find.  If your inbox is flooded with candidate questions, then your job posting was vague and needs updating.    Another option would be to create a FAQ page for job applicants and include a link in your job posting.

3. Become a Talent Scout

Create your own talent network.  Talent pools allow you to nurture candidates until they have skill sets to match your job requirements.  On your job board, give job seekers the opportunity to opt-in for job alerts.   In addition to job alerts, send emails about company news and information.  With transparent and regular communication strategies, a company can keep candidates interested.  This route also builds a pipeline of active and passive job seekers.   This strategy is especially helpful for those hard to fill positions.

Deploying these tips raises talent IQ, creates a pipeline of job seekers and closes the gap between expectation and experience.



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