Gauging Success: Is Your Sales Team Meeting Their Target?

Automotive recruiters will make you successfulFor any dealership looking to boost the bottom line, the most obvious starting point is the sales team. If your team isn’t hitting your expectations, you should look at what your benchmarks are, how they are communicated and how your people are trained to meet them.  Here are four steps for honing in your sales team:

Set Realistic Benchmarks:

It is important to note that the same benchmark won’t work for every member of your team. You might have some who struggle to sell 8 cars per month, and 15 would be out of their reach. While others — your superstars — might already be averaging more than 20, so 15 cars per month would be asking them to sell less. Rather than just declare that you want your team to beat the average and sell 15 cars per person, per month, a better approach is to sit down with each individual and come up with a realistic increase over their current numbers.

Create Accountability:

Once you know what targets every member of your team should be hitting to be successful, how are you going to support them in meeting these goals? Just having a meeting once to set up the goals isn’t enough. On at least a monthly basis, it’s important to sit down with each team member, look at where they stand in relation to those goals, and then come up with ways they can continue to improve. And if they are consistently exceeding their targets, don’t be afraid to bump them up — as long as you make sure they understand their new goals. Good, regular communication is one of the single most powerful tools you have available when it comes to increasing the success of every salesperson in the dealership.

Provide Training:

People don’t improve on their own. If you want to see your numbers rise, you will need to invest in ongoing, comprehensive automotive training programs. These can be done in-house or by contracting with companies to provide targeted, personalized training to meet the specific needs of your salespeople.  Also look for opportunities to send team members to conferences and seminars, where they can learn new ideas and techniques to bring back to the dealership.

Actively Recruit:

Training also gives you a good idea of who is willing to work and improve, and who is content with hitting numbers that don’t match your expectations. If you have made a reasonable effort to bring the under-performers up to speed, it might be time to look into replacing those individuals with a recruiting opportunity. Recruiting can be just as — if not more — difficult than training under-performers, so this is another area where it pays to bring in the experts.



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