Four Steps to Becoming “The Best Place to Work”

Best Place to WorkValue your employees

The best company cultures provide environments that attract employees that want to work. Making an effort to treat all individuals with respect and consideration.  Provide competitive and pay plans that provide a living wage and room for bonuses for those who excel.  Create benefit plans that accommodate a variety of options for singles, partnerships and families   Not only will a culture where employees matter decrease turnover, but it will also attract the best and brightest job candidates.

Remain flexible

Good employees do not grow on trees and are often hard to find.  If you have an employee with a positive work ethic but struggling, consider finding a new role based on their skills sets.  Find ways to create flexibility in the work schedule, giving your employees the option of balancing their professional life with the demands of their personal life.  When setting benchmarks, create a variety of assessment that reward meeting and exceed goals beyond just highest sales volume.  For example, you could reward the most improved or the person with the most customer service stars or even the person who takes on the biggest challenges.

Create networking events

When hosting social events, create networking opportunities by asking employees to invite a friend.   Birds of a feather tend to flock together.  Not only could this chance meeting reveal additional talent sources, but you can also grow your customer base as well.  And let’s face it, nobody, not even your employees, get excited about going to an event in which they know not one soul.

Consider emotional intelligence

Intelligent candidates are a great find, but consider a candidate’s emotional IQ too.  Combining PI testing with an emotional intelligence assessment, can help to determine the suitability for the position.    Research has shown they should not be the sole resource when considering a candidate’s job success, but they are a helpful tool when used in conjunction.  Remember, company is only as good as its people and as strong as its weakest link.



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