Sales Training

The Sales Training and Turnover Correlation

The most important tools that you have at your disposal to ensure your new salespeople are ready to make a big splash this spring and build the foundation for sales into the holidays is…training! The specifics of how to succeed in your environment, with your customers and your brand, are all skills that will need …read more…

Automotive Sales and Managment Lesson: How to Resolve Customer Service Concerns

Three Customer Service Facts: Customers satisfaction is easier than you think, because a customer is usually satisfied with less than you think. Customers who make the effort to complain, want you to make the effort to make things better. Customers who have had a problem resolved, are more loyal than customers who have never had …read more…

Sales Training Lesson: Bugs in the Potato Salad

“It only takes one bug in the potato salad to ruin a picnic,” according to one of the little old ladies I went to church with as a child.  As I move further away from a precocious child and closer to being a sweet little old lady, I am realizing that she was not registering …read more…

Sales Training: Empowerment beyond “Just Because” or “Because I Told You So”

When I was a child, I was the question asking machine.  Now that I am an adult, I am the question asking machine.  Not because I want to be annoying.  I really want to understand why.  Knowing the why helps me deliver on expectations.  Understanding why gives me access to understand the process and how …read more…

Why Should an Organization Train, Rinse and Repeat?

Military, Law Enforcement, Medical Professionals, Teachers…what do these occupations have in common?  Each provides a highly valued service to our local and global community at large and does so as a result of education and extensive on-going training.  As a result, society can depend on these individuals to protect humanity, face danger, save lives, educate …read more…

Forget What You Lost…What Did You Gain?

When it comes to training and investing in the skills and knowledge of employees, many dealerships jump immediately to the question of “what happens if they leave?” They focus on how the time and money they spent on that employee is now, effectively, thrown away. But the real question they should be asking is, “What …read more…

Gauging Success: Is Your Sales Team Meeting Their Target?

For any dealership looking to boost the bottom line, the most obvious starting point is the sales team. If your team isn’t hitting your expectations, you should look at what your benchmarks are, how they are communicated and how your people are trained to meet them.  Here are four steps for honing in your sales team: …read more…

Four Steps to Becoming “The Best Place to Work”

Value your employees The best company cultures provide environments that attract employees that want to work. Making an effort to treat all individuals with respect and consideration.  Provide competitive and pay plans that provide a living wage and room for bonuses for those who excel.  Create benefit plans that accommodate a variety of options for …read more…

Developing Automotive Training Lessons That Stick

How much money did your organization invest last year in training and development that failed to provide the results you sought?  You are not alone if employee training classes rarely resulted in the transfer of immediately useful information to your workplace. Real employee behavioral change, based on the training content, is even harder to demonstrate …read more…

The Anatomy of an Automotive Recruiting and Training Program

Recruitment, or taking on employees, is an important task, as the success of any business depends to a large extent on the quality of its employees. Employees may be needed when: The business expands The business targets a new market New skills are needed because of technological advances Employees are dismissed, or retire, or leave …read more…

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