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Automotive Recruiting: How the .Com Marketplace is Changing Dealership Sales Teams

Today’s car buying experience is quickly evolving into something that looks a lot like modern day dating.  Most experiences are beginning with an online matching making dance, uniting sellers with buyers in an impersonal exchange, until both parties determine this could be “the one” and set up a face to face meeting.    A 2016 Car …read more…

3 Ways to Ensure You Are Staffed For Success

For automotive dealerships who rely on agencies like the Manus Group to help ensure consistent staffing levels year-round, it is imperative to do a bit of advanced planning to ensure no employment gaps will potentially lead to losses in both reputation and revenue. To that end, there are three steps every dealership can take to …read more…

How Much Should You Pay Your Salespeople?

The days of a one-size-fits-all pay plans for top sales people are rapidly fading away. In the past, the automotive industry thrived on commission-based pay plans. Sales people were happy to accept low base rates because they understood that with commissions, they could soar to great heights. Their destiny was in their own hands, and …read more…

Spring into Sales: 5 Strategies to Renew Your Sales Team

Spring has sprung!  Don’t get caught allowing the fresh blades of grass to grow under your feet. Now’s the perfect time to reinvigorate your sales team. Below are five strategies to try this spring: Take a Talent Assessment As the snow melts away and new life begins to blossom, take the time to breathe new …read more…

Automotive Recruiting Tips for Attracting Young Talent

One of the retail automotive industry’s greatest challenges is attracting and retaining sales talent, particularly among the Generation X and Millennial populations of the employment pool.  Most career seeking talent under the age of 50 years, often overlook the automotive industry when considering employment.  Their distaste for the automotive retail industry is typically fueled by …read more…

Top 6 Interview Questions to Get the Best Salespeople

When it comes to staffing your sales department, finding the right people is half the battle. While recruitment agencies can find qualified candidates, it is up to the dealership to make the final determination about who will truly be the best fit for the brand and culture of the company. To that end, we’ve put …read more…

Is It Called “Salary” or “Draw”?

When we talk about needing to approach potential salespeople with new ways to think about sales, we’re not just talking about the pay plans themselves. Even the terminology used can make or break whether a potential recruit joins your organization and becomes a rock star salesperson, or walks out the door looking for better opportunities. …read more…

Gauging Success: Is Your Sales Team Meeting Their Target?

For any dealership looking to boost the bottom line, the most obvious starting point is the sales team. If your team isn’t hitting your expectations, you should look at what your benchmarks are, how they are communicated and how your people are trained to meet them.  Here are four steps for honing in your sales team: …read more…

Automotive Recruiting Program Checklist

Keeping the best people, once you find them, is easy if you do the right things right to begin with.  These specific actions will help you with recruiting and retaining talent. Recruit from an Improved Candidate Pool Companies that select new employees from candidates who walk in their door or answer an ad, often missing …read more…

Getting the Most Out of Your Recruiting Campaign Efforts

Three Tips for Increasing Your Recruiting Campaign ROI 1. Enhance Your Brand A logo, tagline, phone number and website are just the corner stones to creating a powerful brand.  It is important to remember that job seekers are likely to also be a consumer or potential consumer of your products and services.  Therefore, your engagement with …read more…

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