Automotive Sales and Managment Lesson: How to Resolve Customer Service Concerns

Customer Service Is Not a DeptThree Customer Service Facts:

  • Customers satisfaction is easier than you think, because a customer is usually satisfied with less than you think.
  • Customers who make the effort to complain, want you to make the effort to make things better.
  • Customers who have had a problem resolved, are more loyal than customers who have never had a problem.

The Golden Customer Service Rule: Do what it takes to make things right, when things go wrong.

When a customer takes the time to complain, they are really asking you to help them remain a customer.  Their compliant is really a pleading to continue to do business with you.  Listen to their complaint for what went wrong and look for ways to make it right.  Don’t blow this opportunity to create a loyal customer and raving fan, as well as fix problems you did not know you had.

The best way to resolve a complaint is to ask what would make things right. Here are the four steps to resolving a complaint:

Establish Rapport

Listen with empathy and not defense. Let the customer vent and imagine yourself in their shoes.  If the customer is upset, you are upset.  Let the customer know right up front that you have resolution on the brain. Use words like “I see” and “I understand” when responding.

Get the Facts

Now is the time to listen and really be an active listener. Take notes. Ask for details. Make it absolutely clear that the customer has your undivided attention. Avoid any emotion or “make wrong”.  Just stick to the facts, just the facts.

Offer a Solution

While listening to the customer, what did you hear them say about their upset?  Most of the time, there is a problem.  Most of the time, the customer wants to know what you are going to do about this problem.  So if fixing the problem is what the customer wants, make certain the problem is resolved.  If a complete solution is just not in the cards, tell the customer what you CAN do and not what you CAN’T do. Summarize your understanding of the problem, so there is no doubt that you have the information needed.

Cement the Relationship

Always end the communication by telling the customer exactly what has been done and when any future resolution will be done. Always thank the customer for helping you uncover a missed opportunity to serve. Don’t let a customer leave unhappy. Always follow up on a complaint and let the customer know what was done and make sure that the fix really worked.


BrandonHardisonAbout the Author

Brandon Hardison has more than 25 years in the automotive industry building teams to drive revenue, growth and profits.  As a National Sales Trainer for The Manus Group, he utilizes his dynamic leadership talents and experience to develop sales team with motivation for continuous improvement and favorable CSI.

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