FAQ for Fundamental Automotive Sales Training Candidates

What to expect from The Manus Group’s Fundamental Automotive Sales Training Program:

At The Manus Group, we understand the critical importance of potential.  Knowledge is power.  Education and confidence are the hallmarks of building a pathway to success for any individual.  The Manus Group’s training focus is to create a compelling curriculum that encourages individuals to be ambitious, empowered and driven to achieve extraordinary sales success.

The Manus Group’s Fundamental Sales Training Program is a proven and professional approach to basic automotive sales skills for inexperienced automotive salespeople.  Provided instruction covers the critical requirements for a salesperson to obtain the focus, goals, strategies and motivation needed to generate sales and profit for a long-lasting career.  Each applicant enrolled in our tailored course will receive a professional sales manual workbook that includes supplementary educational material.  In addition and contrary to other training companies, The Manus Group does not charge candidates a fee for any of the training or materials provided during the Fundamental Sales Training Program.

FAQ for the Employment Applicant and Job Seeker:

Q: Who is The Manus Group?

A: With a foundation in the Automotive Industry, The Manus Group has grown to become known as a leader in attracting, recruiting and training top-tier prospects.  Progressive dealerships throughout the United States look to The Manus Group for innovative sales performance initiatives and unified business strategies.  We believe that the key to maximizing profits are the assembling of an effective team.  It is our mission to provide strategically designed recruiting services and sales training solutions to our clients so they can turn their teams’ potential into real and profitable results.  To learn more about The Manus Group and the services we offer, visit our website at https://www.themanusgroup.com

Q: Why is The Manus Group handling the recruiting and training for the dealership?

A: In today’s fast-paced world, time is a valuable commodity.  Devoting sufficient time to building qualified staffs and highly skilled sales teams is labor intensive.  Often a dealership may not have sufficient resources within its own staff to locate the highest caliber employee talent in their market.  In addition, the dealership management may not have ample time to dedicate to interviewing and providing initial training to potential candidates.  For years, savvy management personnel have gained a competitive edge in hiring the best sales people by enlisting The Manus Group for our renowned employee recruiting and training expertise along with our focus on excellence.

Q: Why do I need a valid driver’s license to apply?

A: Part of the job requirements of an automotive sales person is to take potential buyers on a test drive, in which the sales person may be requested to drive at some point.  It is not legal to drive a motor vehicle without proper and valid licenses.

Q: Do I need previous experience?

A: Previous experience is not necessary.  The Manus Group will be providing Fundamental Sales Training that will assist you with getting a start with you new career in the Automotive Industry.  If you have previous sales and/or retail experience, please share this information with our staff as this experience is considered a plus when presenting you to the dealership.

Q: Is there a fee for training or for training materials?

A: The Manus Group does not charge candidates any form of a training fee or materials fee for Fundamental Sales Training.

Q:  What will my schedule be, what kinds of benefits are offered and how is payroll handled?

A: The answer to this question varies from dealership to dealership and sometimes may even be personal; as a result this question is best addressed during your interviews at the dealership.

Q: Who are the trainers for The Manus Group?

A: Professional integrity is the cornerstone in which the foundation for The Manus Group has been built.  With this in mind, the minimum standard for our trainers is at least ten years of vehicle trade practice.  To date, the trainers on staff host an average of twenty-two years auto retail experience and have held positions as Sales Manager, General Manager and/or Dealer Principle.  Collectively, our trainer’s product experience ranges from domestics to imports and even high-lines.  We practice what we preach at The Manus Group, as trainer performance is reviewed to maintain the highest standards of reliability and delivery.  As a result, our graduates can count on our trainers to not only convey relevant and dependable training, but to act as mentors to individuals embarking on a new career

Q: What can I expect once I complete fundamental sales training?

A: As an employee of the dealership, you will continue your education in one of the dealership’s elected programs.  In this program, you will continue to learn your new trade as well as some of the ins and outs of the dealership you are now working with.

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