Service Advisor Training Added to The Manus Group Services

Top  Management and Automotive Sales Staff Recruiting and Automotive Sales Training Firm The Manus Group Expands Services to Include Automotive Service Adviser Training

The Manus Group, an industry leader in Management and Automotive Sales Staff Recruiting Services and Automotive Sales Training Solutions, is proud to announce a new partnership with DealerPro. Their recent agreement will enable The Manus Group to provide Service Adviser Training to automotive dealership clients nationwide.

Jacksonville, FL-April 19, 2011

Recognizing a need to introduce new profit centers to their automotive clients, The Manus Group announced a collaborative partnership with DealerPro aimed at providing training programs for Automotive Service Advisors to increase revenues generated by dealership service departments. Prior to the newly formed partnership, The Manus Group was recognized as a leading firm in Management and Automotive Sales Staff Recruiting and  Automotive Sales Training, while DealerPro, over the last ten years, specialized in Fixed Operations Training Programs for the Automotive Industry. DealerPro CEO Don Reed and Rick and Julie Williams of the Manus Group have enjoyed a long standing professional relationship for years, making the partnership a logical and strategically advantageous decision for both organizations.

As economic indicators in the automotive industry continue to rebound from the downturn of years past, surviving dealerships are actively pursuing new and innovative strategies for improving business development. Answering the dealerships’ needs, DealerPro CEO Don Reed reports that “the two organizations partnered together to provide auto dealers with industry leading recruiting services and training programs designed to maximize dealer profitability in their sales and service departments while increasing CSI and Owner Retention.”

Service Advisor Training, the first training program developed between the two entities, is based on a fundamental change in the typical operating procedures of many Automotive Service Departments. According to Rick Williams, President of The Manus Group, “Dealerships spend vast resources developing their sales teams for success but neglect to utilize their Service Department as a Profit Center. Our Service Advisor Training shifts the traditional role of Service Advisors as ‘order takers’ and redevelops them into Customer Care Consultants.”

Not only does Service Advisor Training increase profits in the Service Department, it also improves customer experience and satisfaction.

Current client Scott Pfankuch, General Manager of Viking Buick Pontiac GMC/Nissan of Rochester, exclaims, “In the past 13 months, we added more than a half a million dollars in Parts and Labor Gross Profit. That is a 41.1% increase over the previous year. Customer satisfaction [is] now a perfect 4.0!”

Both The Manus Group and DealerPro intend to continue demonstrating a high level of flexibility, talent, and resourcefulness in their mission to provide the automotive industry with training and development options for an ever changing market. The two have already seen success from their Service Advisor Training program and look forward to pioneering additional methods for meeting the needs of their clients in the future.


About The Manus Group:
The Manus Group ( made its mark across the nation as a premier provider of sales performance training solutions as well as sales and management recruiting services. Backed by more than six decades of industry knowledge, The Manus Group offers proven sales training and recruiting services that produce top-performing employees and bring effective organizational change. The Manus Group focuses on one vital principle: create captivating, world-class experiences that inspire people to achieve benchmark levels of success.


About DealerPro:
DealerPro ( is a synergistic combination of two companies, each providing specific solutions for today’s automobile dealer. DealerPro is a NADA University partner and offers a performance-based service advisor, management and system implementation training program.

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