Top Female Professional: The Manus Group’s Stephanie Young

Ms. Young was notified of her recognition from dealerELITE ( as she finalizes plans for a month-long tour of Japan. Her recognition comes out of her stand to inspire people to achieve more than was once thought possible.

Social networking site dealerELITE recently announced that May would feature top female professionals in the Automotive Industry. The Manus Group Executive Stephanie Young is a regular contributor of content to the site, and it came as no surprise to her team mates that she would be selected for recognition. “We knew we had a contender for this honor. Stephanie is not only dynamic but contagious to those around her. Her style at work is to first believe that any concept is possible to achieve and then challenge herself and those around her to make it a reality,” explains Rick Williams, CEO of The Manus Group.

Stephanie Young, Vice President of Business Development for The Manus Group

Jacksonville, FL-May 11, 2011

Stephanie Young is the Vice President of Business Development for The Manus Group and an advocate for women in the Automotive Industry. The Manus Group, a member of dealerELITE, is a female owned and operated management and automotive sales staff recruiting services and automotive sales training performance solutions consulting firm with strong ties to the Automotive Industry.

Stephanie reports that the driving influences in her career were developed from four generations of educators, automotive entrepreneurs and community leaders. After graduating with a bachelor’s degree from the University of California, her interest in sales and marketing led her to participate heavily in several nationally recognized political, commercial, and charitable campaigns. Today, Stephanie applies her comprehension, aptitude for sales, and marketing prowess towards achieving growth and revenue goals for The Manus Group.

Ms. Young is an active and engaging blogger on several Automotive Industry websites and is known for challenging others to grow beyond what they believe possible. This month’s recognition by dealerELITE for her innovative business approach has placed Stephanie in the forefront of female automotive professionals.

The news of Young’s recognition comes in her final days of preparation for a month-long tour of Japan. Originally scheduled as an ambassadorship between University of California Alumni and Japanese counterparts, the trip was cancelled due to increased warnings by the State Department regarding travel difficulties in the country. Not satisfied with the cancellation, Stephanie’s determination for accomplishment inspired her to rally fellow Alumni around a different view of their Japanese tour. Rather than simply visiting cities like Tokyo, Hiroshima, Kamakura, Osaka, Nara, and Yokohama, Stephanie challenged her trip planners to restructure the itinerary to include providing humanitarian efforts for those affected by the recent earthquake and tsunami. “The original intent of the trip has been replaced with a new adventure and a new message. What happens in Japan affects us all. We live in a world were the dynamics of the global economy are felt worldwide. We can no longer ignore what happens to our global neighbors, as it will soon trickle down to our doorstep, “explains Stephanie.

Rick Williams remarked, “Of course it is a sacrifice for Stephanie to be absent and out of reach of our office, even if she is using her personal leave time to help others. But there is no stopping her when she sets the ball in motion! Plus, it is an honor to for a staff member to be so convicted as to take a message of advocacy internationally.”

Upon her return to the U.S., Ms. Young will undoubtedly assume her post at The Manus Group, writing more blogs and continuing to advocate for women. Young’s future promises more recognition from industry leading organizations like dealerELITE and likely a host of other honors. As she explains, “I come from a heritage of pioneering females who inspired me to believe I can do anything. As a result, I find myself doing just that and inspiring others to follow the same path.”

To learn more about Stephanie Young, visit her dealerELITE profile at


About The Manus Group:
The Manus Group ( made its mark across the nation as a premier provider of sales performance training solutions as well as sales and management recruiting services. Backed by more than six decades of industry knowledge, The Manus Group offers proven sales training and recruiting services that produce top-performing employees and bring effective organizational change. The Manus Group focuses on one vital principle: create captivating, world-class experiences that inspire people to achieve benchmark levels of success.


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