Increase in Automotive Careers Available for Recent Grads

A steady rise in sales from the recovering U.S. automotive industry now has dealerships looking to The Manus Group’s management and automotive sales staff recruitment services to find this summer’s top graduates. In turn, many dealers are also demanding dealership sales training solutions to improve sales programs and meet elevating customer expectations.

Jacksonville, FL – June 14, 2011

This year’s improvement in car sales bodes well for recent high school and college graduates looking to start their careers as more auto dealership openings are available than in the past two years. David Prince, recent graduate of Western Michigan University, did not think he would be able to find a job after graduation. “I was stressed about it…I was not happy about graduating.” Within three months, however, Prince’s experience, coupled with improving industry sales trends, allowed him to land a coveted position in the U.S. automotive trade. Already expecting an influx of newly graduated job seekers this June like Prince, The Manus Group management and automotive sales staff recruiting services division has fully prepared themselves to help dealer clients find the best sales candidates this summer will offer.

The Manus Group, a national leader in automotive recruitment, has reported a 35% increase in dealer-hosted recruitment campaigns over last year. Independent industry research firms like IBISWorld and HIS Global support the claims of The Manus Group as they predict automotive dealers will need to hire new employees to keep up with this year’s growth. “As sales increase, managers start to think about hiring. More sales mean dealers need more employees,” explains Debbie Schlegelmilch of Hank Graff Chevrolet in Davison, MI.

Dealerships in the Jacksonville, FL market are claiming a 20% increase in staff over the past ten months. Automotive dealerships that may have hired one or two people in the past two years are now looking to fill anywhere from six to twenty positions to handle the boost in customers.

Furthermore, recent automotive industry staffing increases have not been limited exclusively to sales departments. Service divisions, allied vendors and even manufacturers are seeking new employees to fill an increasing number of vacant positions. Magna International, a provider of seats for many General Motor and Chrysler products, hired 400 people for their new plant in Highland Park, MI. “We’re finding a need to fill a lot of those spots that we had eliminated before. With things picking up, we’re filling the payrolls back up,” reports David Nenno, CEO of A Raymond Corporate North America. Julie Williams, who heads The Manus Group’s Service Advisor Training Program, states, “Recently, there has been an increased interest in our Service Department Improvement Program and Service Department Recruiting Services brought on by our dealer clients’ need for additional staff to support consumer requests.”

As more employment opportunities open up, recruiters find themselves competing for better and more qualified applicants. “We are seeing frequent instances in which a candidate has opportunities with multiple recruiters for various positions, which means timing has become an important element in securing the right person for the right position,” explains Carrie Quinby, Vice President of Recruiting Services for The Manus Group.

Once hired by a dealership, candidates should expect to go through an extensive and often on-going training program, like those provided by The Manus Group. Automotive sales training programs benefit both new graduates and dealership employers because the curriculum builds on prior education and provides a strong basis for career success and advancement in the industry. Dan Like, a client of The Manus Group and Manager of Acura of Orange Park, explains, “We like to train from the beginning. We like to take someone from entry level on up to management.”

About The Manus Group:

The Manus Group ( made its mark across the nation as a premier provider of dealership sales performance training solutions and service advisor training programs as well as sales and management recruiting services. Backed by more than six decades of industry knowledge, The Manus Group offers proven sales training and recruiting services that produce top-performing employees and bring effective organizational change. The Manus Group focuses on one vital principle: create captivating, world-class experiences that inspire people to achieve benchmark levels of success.


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