Four Key Ingredients for Developing a Successful Automotive Sales Team

team-1525445_960_720What do I have to do to develop a great sales team?

Ideally, a dealership desires a team of veteran superstar salespeople to just chug successfully along turning profit.   In reality, a sales department experiences a high level of turnover.  As a result, there is no easy answer to this question.

Focusing on what we can’t control while ignoring what we can is the pathway to frustration and declining success.  Fearing turnover is no excuse for not investing in your sales staff.  A sales force influencing your income pipelines without the proper tools for success is something to fear.  Smart businesses accept that some turnover is inevitable and invest in their sales teams despite it.

Training your sales staff does not have to be a complicated task.  The key is to provide your people with tools that will foster and encourage success.  Experiencing success on the job increases longevity.

Key Ingredients for Successful Sales Training

  • Learn to view your sales staff as an asset and not an expense.  See each member of your team as a protector of your investment.  The best way to protect this investment is to train, train, train.  They will either get better or they will get worse, there is no other option.
  • Be sure that your sales training is specific to your goals and not generalized.  Give your team proven ideas, tips and strategies they can use.  Avoid unrealistic goals and over promising theories.
  • Making training a priority.  Be consistent in your sales training.  If you have it scheduled for every Tuesday at 11 AM, then be sure and conduct the sales training every Tuesday at 11 AM.  Create the mindset of teamwork but having your management also participate in training.  The management team practicing the same skill sets on the job, will only reinforce that lessons learned in training for the whole team.  Sales training will never be important to your sales staff unless it’s first important to you.
  • Be sure to reinforce what you are training.  Nothing will dilute training quicker than not practicing what you preach.  Teach a skill set and have your management and sales staff practice, practice and practice this skill set.  When you teach a new skill set, have it build on the previous lessons.  Demonstrate the value of what each skill set does and how it impacts the on-the-job progress.


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