Automotive Sales Training: Dressing for Success

Dress for SuccessPart of my life was spent in Southeastern Oklahoma.  I remember teenage boys coming to the ranch dressed in their “good jeans” with a tucked-in “nice shirt” and driving their daddy’s “dress truck”.  The purpose was to show my aunties and uncles, that they were gentlemen and worthy of the responsibility of the social company of the young women in the family.   While I was in Japan, I took notice of the polished professional uniform.  Even though this population of the labor force looked a bit like they were cut from the very same bolt of fabric, the lack of individualism or variety did not deter me from being overwhelmingly impressed with how extraordinary they seemed to be…they looked ready to do some serious business.

Clearly, human beings use visual cues among others to determining credibility.  Cultures have unique demographical “dress to impress” codes.  As a professional, you need to be able to determine what is acceptable in your demographic as impressive professional attire.  If your demographics are not formal business suits, then dress to impress your demographics.  When unsure, it is best to be overdressed than under-dressed.

So why should we care about our appearance?  If you walked into a bank and your teller was wearing flip-flops and a tank top, how closely would you be clutching your money?  If someone looks too casual to be serious about the business at hand, then consumers subliminally will be influenced to think they are going to be too casual to handle the serious business they bring.  And there goes credibility, walking out the door in flip flops.

Molecules over time will return to their least excited state without external influences according to the Law of Entropy/Disorder.   Apparently, human beings are subject to the Law of Entropy.  Given enough time, we cool off to tepid unless something keeps us motivated and energized.   Management, when you notice that casual Friday starts to find its way into Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday; it is time to tighten up the dress code.  The first place to start is with the management, as those you manage are looking to you for cues.  Once the management team is dressed for success, you can inspire your team to start off each day as if they are going into work for the first time with a put-together look that shouts, “I’m serious about making this sale.  I look like I am capable of handling your money.  I am going to perform above par when you buy from me.”  Take note of how this changes their performance.  Nothing boosts self-confidence like knowing you look good.  Nothing boosts success like a dose of self-confidence.  Challenge them to not only dress for the job they have, but to dress for the job they want.

Look business ready and you will be business ready!



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