Automotive Sales Staff Recruiting Time Management Plan

TimeisMoneyAutomotive management tasked with the job of recruiting car sales people in addition to their other duties, often find themselves underachieving in terms of production.  Automotive recruiting can be a difficult task when a manager is struggling with time management and the organization it takes to be successful.

Depending on the drive to succeed, an average automotive sales staff recruiting program takes 12-15 hours per week and in more difficult markets 30-40 hours per week.  With the massive flow of information generate in recruiting campaigns (candidates, resumes, applications, etc.), it is very easy to become overwhelmed.  Automotive recruiting campaigns can easily become a part time to full time job.  The job description for most automotive management requires a high level of performance on tasks outside of recruiting, making recruiting difficult to balance with other duties.  So how can an automotive manager tackle this daunting task?

If you find yourself immobilized and totally ineffective, it is time to step off the recruiting campaign merry-go-round and create a daily plan with intentional focus.  Flip flopping between tasks is not only frustrating but can waste time as your change gears.  Therefore, start with a time management schedule where you block out a period of time for recruiting.  It is easy to get distracted with other demands, but stay focused on your automotive recruiting tasks during your blocked time.  When it is not your blocked time for recruiting, stay focused on your other tasks.  Yes, it is difficult to find this time to block out when the job demands so much of your attention.  Look to place this block of time at the beginning or end of your day, when the demand for your attention is not at its peak.

During your block of time, have a written plan of all the tasks that you need to complete.  This will help you determine duration for your recruiting block.  You may need to adjust your time schedule if your task list becomes too long or prioritize the tasks and move some to the next day.  At the close of each day, make a new plan for the following day, using today’s experience as your guide.  Schedule out the duration of your recruiting block and write down the specific tasks you will complete during that block of time.  Repeat this process daily until recruiting campaign comes to an end.

When considering taking on your own automotive sales staff recruiting campaign, determine if there are adequate resources to ensure success.  Skimping on your recruiting plan and taking short cuts can become a costly mistake.  Sometimes, it is best to seek a partnership with a recruiting firm and let them do the heavy lifting.


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