Automotive Management Training: Recycling Your Perspective

free-vector-eco-think-green-floral-backgroundWhen someone claims to be “green”, what first comes to your mind?  They are making an effort to reduce their carbon foot print on mother earth?  Maybe they are a vegetarian?  Or they are actively recycling?

When I hear the word “green” used to describe someone, the first thought that comes to mind is “green pea” or the newly hired sales staff members.  Like a struggling seedling, these green peas are pushing their way up through all the heavy soil around them, reaching for the life giving sun.

Seedlings tend to:

  • Adapt rapidly and are flexible and unstoppable
  • Look for new ways of doing things and think outside the box
  • Absorb everything around them
  • Maximize resource use and do more with less
  • Draw little attention,
  • Strong despite size and have a can do anything attitude
  • Aspire to be a tree with a think big and you will be big viewpoint

Nothing can stop the changes of time.  As a seedling grows into a sapling, it starts to become more rigid.  When a sapling becomes a tree, it is almost inflexible.  Even something as invisible as the wind can destroy a tree.

We are all on the pathway to becoming a tree, but successful sales professionals will continue to progress as if they were still a seedling.  No matter your experience or wisdom, recycle your thinking to the time you were a seedling.

Perfection is unsustainable, while personal progress is obtainable.   Stay green and let yourself grow!

The Manus Group Stephanie YoungAbout the Author

Stephanie Young is the Vice President of Sales and Marketing for The Manus Group, where she is an active blogger, social media contributor and spokesperson for one of the nation’s leading automotive recruiting and training firms. Stephanie is also the current Ms. Florida Forestry Queen, promoting her platform encouraging young woman to pursue their interests in STEM field careers.

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